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Uniform Policy

Our dress code was developed to establish a friendly and professional atmosphere that promotes pride, respect, and safety for the students and staff. As a family of professionals, our basic standard for students is a professional appearance in which they can take pride. School is a place of business and education is the student's job. We depend on our parents to support and assist us in maintaining our dress code standards. As of August 1, 2017, the following dress code guidelines will be enforced daily at Griffith Middle School.

Griffith Middle School Uniform Colors are dark navy blue bottoms and light blue shirts.


  • Light blue long or short sleeve unisex formal dress shirt may be worn from Monday through Friday


  • Light blue unisex collar polo shirt.

  • Black clip-on ties/bowties for boys, crisscross ties for girls, will be worn on assigned days. (The calendar will be provided at the end of August 2018).

  • Dark navy uniform pants, shorts, skirts or plaid blue skirts. Skirts or shorts may be worn no more than 3” above or below the knee.

  • You are given a choice of shoes with the exception of flip flops or slippers.

  • PE uniform worn only during PE class.

  • Club, school spirit shirts and organization shirts may be worn on Friday.

  • Navy blue sweater/school spirit sweater (preferably with no hoodies).

Optional outerwear for students

  • Dark navy vests or dark navy formal jackets.
  •  Griffith caps only with bill facing forward worn outside of the building only.
  • Black or brown belts without initials.

The uniform must be worn every day. Students can earn Free Dress Days if they donate new uniforms or semi-new uniforms. We encourage 8th grade students to donate their uniforms before culminating to high school.


  • Jeans, sweatpants, or cargo pants,
  • Logos (No brand names, sports teams, nicknames, or drug. insignias)


The uniform policies described herein are meant to promote high expectations and Griffith's philosophy is that students should dress with modesty and are neatly groomed. Parents are expected to support and enforce these dress code guidelines with their children. As such, the following consequences will be upheld for violating the dress code policy.

Uniform and Dress code policy:

Where a uniform and dress code violation may be remedied on the spot (immodest or inappropriate), the teacher will direct the student to do so. When this type of violation becomes habitual or the type of code violation cannot be remedied on the spot, then the student will be sent to the office. The consequences of coming to the office include (per semester):

Offense 1: Students will change and receive a copy of Griffith Uniform policy.             

Offense 2: Phone call to parents and review of the dress code policy.

Offense 3: Parents are called- Lunch Intervention.

Offense 4: Parents are called to the school for a conference.

Offense 5: Parents and Students will sign a “Last Chance Contract".

Offense 6: Disciplinary action could include transfer to another school.

PE Uniform Reimbursement

Griffith STEAM Magnet Middle School is offering a reimbursement on purchases of PE uniforms.  Parents can ask for a reimbursement of PE uniforms bearing the Griffith STEAM Magnet Middle School logo between January 7th and March 15th. Please call (323) 266-7400 for more details.

La escuela secundaria Griffith STEAM Magnet estará reembolsando la compra de uniformes de educación física. Los padres pueden solicitar un reembolso de los uniformes de educación física que lleven el logotipo de Griffith STEAM Magnet Middle School entre el 7 de enero y el 15 de marzo. Llame al (323) 266-7400 para obtener más detalles.